Got your Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite kit delivered from Starlink? All looks beautiful and shiny, but really don't know where to start? Need a bit of help?

Call the people who can help you making your new LEO Dishy (Starlink) kit work for you. They can setup the antenna and the router, connect your smart television set and probably also help you to make "Wall-to-wall Wi-Fi" in your house. Something that has become a very welcome feature to any premises in this connected world.

The current Starlink availability map is here:


Alberta - British Columbia - Manitoba - New Brunswick - Newfoundland and Labrador - Northwest Territories - Nova Scotia - Ontario - Prince Edward Island - Saskatchewan - Quebec - Yukon


Aguascalientes (AGS) - Baja California (BC) - Baja California Sur (BCS) - Campeche (CAM) - Chiapas (CHIS) - Chihuahua (CHIH) - Coahuila (COAH) - Colima (COL) - Durango (DUR) - Guanajuato (GTO) - Guerrero (GRO) - Hidalgo (HGO) - Jalisco (JAL) - State of Mexico (EM) - Mexico City (CDMX) - Michoacan (MICH) - Morelos (MOR) - Nayarit (NAY) - Nuevo Leon (NL) - Oaxaca (OAX) - Puebla (PUE) - Queretaro (QRO) - Quintana Roo (QR) - San Luis Potosi (SLP) - Sinaloa (SNL) - Sonora (SON) - Tabasco (TAB) - Tarnaulipas (TAMPS) - Tiaxcala (TLAX) - Veracruz (VER) - Yucatan (YUC) - Zacatecas (ZAC)

Latin America and the Caribbean

Argentina - Aruba - Bonaire - Brazil - Curacao - Guatemala - Martinique - Puerto Rico - US Virgin Islands

Asia & Oceania

Afghanistan - Cook Islands - Indonesia - New Zealand - Papua New Guinea - Philippines - Solomon Islands


Austria - Belgium - Denmark - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Ireland - Isle of Man - Italy - Liechtenstein - Luxembourg - Monaco - Netherlands - Norway - Poland - Ukraine - United Kingdom - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland

Far East & Middle East

Lebanon - Pakistan - Turkey

The mobile/ocean antenna for geostationary satellites and low earth orbit satellites

Servers Alive

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About ChanSort

ChanSort is a PC application that allows you to reorder your TV's channel list. Something that comes in handy when you get access to an abundance of new Internet TV channels from all over the world on your Starlink connection.

Most modern TVs can transfer channel lists via USB stick, which you can plug into your PC.

ChanSort supports file formats from numerious brands and can copy program numbers and favorites from one file to another, even between different models and brands.