as an Installer into the Starlink Professional Installers Directory

Register your business as a Starlink Professional Installer.  Helping customers to get the best out of their Starlink system, their home routers and their wall-to-wall Wi-Fi systems.  Many people order and get the kit, and then clearly need a bit of help to get their systems going.  Reach out for that business and register here so the prospective customers can find you.   You should see the smiles on the faces of a family that just got connected to good and solid Internet. That sort of smiles makes it all worth it.  

If you run a business as antenna installer for Starlink dishes, and understand how to create “wall-to-wall-wifi” inside the customers home and connect smart TV, email, printers and anything else in the IT world, then get yourself a business listing in the Starlink Professional Installers Directory. Comes with a map entry where new customers can look for the nearest installer business.

Business entries will be done at a monthly fee, charged in Australian Dollars (our native currency).  There is a link inside your PDF invoice that brings up a payment screen where you can enter any major credit card in just about any of the world's currencies.  That card payment part is handled by a USA based company "Stripe", which are a pretty secure and efficiently operating outfit. The system will email you a receipt for each payment. The card system also has a button for automatic monthly payments. That's your option to use if you like the convenience.

Current subscription fees for advertising in our Starlink Professional Installers Directory are:

 * SL-PE Starlink Professional Installers Directory - Paid Entry - Monthly fees AUD 15  (equals approx USD 10).

This includes an entry on our Google maps for your area.  

Go and register your business on the form below:


And whilst you're busy filling out forms, consider to also register as a founding member of the Starlink Installers Association (in formation), with a view to get preferential customer installation referrals and equipment supplies directly from the Starlink company.  Click on the logo for details: