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This website does not sell anything to anyone. But you might just find the gadget you were looking for and there will be a link to those who are bringing the goodies to the market.

We’re looking to create a smallish webpage somewere attached to this group, to list any and all available pieces of antenna hardware, brackets, masts, cabling extenders, earthing materials, routers and dual WAN routers to suit, Wireless Access Points with MESH protocol (same SSID and password for all WAPs in the group), and whatever else comes in handy by giving your customers the best Internet experience that today’s technology can provide.

Gone are the days whereas a family had to share one clonky computer with a dialup modem in a corner of the house. Today we have smart television sets with large screens and 4K resolution. Running HbbTV, DVB-I and DVB-HB with lots of other Apps and gadgets. And that will only work nicely in harmony when you have a seemless home network to connect all these new gadgets.

So, when you come across some recommended item, please post a picture in the group with some reference who makes those things or who distributes them or where the datasheets and manuals can be found. With a bit of luck we can than produce a nice catalogue attached to the group to help all of us sourcing the right sort of equipment to make our customers happy. And to avoid all these dead duds out there that are too hard to configure or install, especially if there is better stuff available.

Go an have a good look into your arsenal of nice and handy things, and post the best ones in this group for all to see. Pictures and experiences are absolutely priceless in this industry. Life is too short to find out everything by yourself. Look at the experiences of your collegues in many different countries around the world and with a bit of luck you’ll find something that makes your life easier and your customers more happy

Antenna hardware - Masts, brackets, kits

Home routers, Wireless Access Points

Copper data cable, connectors, tools

Fibre optic cable, connectors, tools

Test equipment

Starlink with 4G link aggregation and redundancy